Vegan Dishes with Wine

A Few Words of Advice to Partner up Vegan Dishes with Wine

Food choices are becoming more liberal with exotic items like caviar and molluscs are being available to a great number of people. With the rising awareness of endangered species, however, many are switching to vegan and vegetarian diets to curb the possibility of the quicker abolition of animals. Meanwhile, vegan choices are not being limited only to the wellbeing of animals but also looked upon as a fine taste in culinary art as more creativity shows that vegan dishes, too, can be modified. With that said, many people find it hard to maintain a vegan diet with the beverages, as contrary to popular belief, not all wines are vegan.

If you want to have a clear knowledge about vegan wines, and how to collaborate them successfully with your choice of dishes, look at the following words of advice.

What is best for the vegan choice: red or white?

If you think that only food to pair with Merlot is roast chicken or pasta then you are sadly mistaken. Similarly, do not presume that white wines could only be paired with tofu or light meals. There are more crucial determining factors such as acidity, sweetness and robustness when it comes to pairing wines with food.

For instance, a full-bodied or robust wine goes best with a classic Italian pasta while sparkling wines taste better when collaborated with bean dishes or tofu. People generally stay away from roses in wine fearing that partnering them up with dishes at a dinner table require expertise. However, dry roses that are made from red wine grapes are excellent in bringing alive the tastes of vegetables as they fail to overpower the fresh flavours.

Do not get mistaken with the elements of a wine

Several wines in the market undergo fining processes, especially the ones that are served young. Finings help eliminate tannins and large proteins that have not been given enough time to age. Therefore, they help in removing cloudiness and surprisingly, many fining agents include animal products:

  • Fish proteins
  • Egg whites
  • The fibre of crustacean shell
  • Gelatin
  • Milk proteins

How do you choose the ingredients?

It is said that bitter wines like a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Shiraz should not be paired with sweet dishes as it can make the wines come off as extremely sour and bitter. Since bold red wines need balancing, proteins in vegan dishes need modification as they alone fail to match the intensity of a bold Merlot.

Adding mushrooms, cashew cream or coconut milk, molasses and other such umami ingredients can help intensify the vegan proteins to match better with bolder wines. Similarly, do not be shy with the seasoning. Cumin, black or white pepper, roasted shallots and smoked paprika are excellent choices in bringing your vegan dish together for a hearty meal.

Finding the right food to pair with Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc could be confusing, which is why experts advise maintaining a wine log that records your success. Lastly, master the art of creating meatiness in vegan dishes; it is the key to pairing them with bolder red wines.

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