A Smart Wine

A Smart Wine Bottle That Knows the Drill

Is buying a whole new bottle because there is no wine left really necessary? Uncorking your wine bottle implies that your wine starts changing from that moment on. Sadly, if you are not able to finish the wine before its flavors get demoted, it becomes the body of your chicken stew. It was the idea of dispelling such issues that a Boston startup company, Kuvee, created smart wine bottles, or at least began with that idea. They are similar to a simple smart water bottle, but it has something that makes it special

Two of the biggest culprits for destroying the taste of wine are air and light. Consequently, people resist opening a brand new bottle just for a taste. A smart wine bottle, however, prevents sunlight from reaching the wine by storing it in metal bodies and keeps air out by vacuum sealing.

So, what is a smart wine bottle?

The Kuvee wine bottle that is gradually becoming the talk of the town is a foot tall and is slightly larger than a normal wine bottle. Its 750 ml make is paired with a LED screen at the front where the wine label normally is. If the screen were not enough then know that the bottle has a unique docking station that charges to perform its functions.

Being hollow inside, the smart bottle works more as a “sleeve” to the wines. You simply unscrew the gadget, put the bottle inside the aluminum canisters and click them together. Its basic function is maintaining the characteristic mechanism of the wine for up to one month. Therefore, homemakers can now willfully open up several wine bottles to taste and store them in these gadgets.

Technology and wines

Until now, the Kuvee bottle might have seemed a clever choice in preserving wines only. Did you know that you could pair them with Wi-Fi? As soon as a bottle is inserted inside, the label recognizes the beverage. You could also view the vintner information, good food collaborations and its taste profiles. Such a vast reach of information is accessible through the Wi-Fi connection.

Impressively, the bottles have very interesting vacuum valves attached due to which an accidental cork dropping would not cause spillage and stains. Lastly, it was concluded by wine experts that these smart bottles would be excellent restaurant choices. Every manager recommends selling by the glass, which makes storage of pricey wines necessary. Although it diminishes the possibility of seeing wine bottle decorations, it is a positive technical leap.

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