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Are Your Servers Following the Right Wine Serving Guide?

Besides the owner and the bartender, wine servers should have optimal wine knowledge to ensure a better experience for the customers. The conundrum associated with wine creation is what mystifies the beverage. This is one of the reasons why wine basics for servers are crucial to impress customers and make them ask for more.

Glassware affects the wine served

What’s in a glass?“What’s in a glass?” is a question several servers have asked at least once in their life. Wine is unlike any other beverage as the experience that comes with it is unrivalled. This is why certain glass shapes can influence the taste and smell of certain wines.

Did you know even there are coffee shops that revel in serving coffees in pre-heated wine glassware? While Cabernet Sauvignon is best served in large-volume wine glasses, Riesling does better in a less-volume glassware. Also, white wines prefer smaller bowl glasses as they lock the aromas better and maintain a cooler temperature. Alternatively, red wines collaborate best with large bowl glasses because they provide a greater surface area for ethanol evaporation.

How to ace the opening of a bottle?

Unlike movies, you cannot just push the cork off the bottle mouth with your finger and start pouring the wine. You would notice a small knife hidden behind the corkscrew. With relaxed fingers cut the outer shell of the cork. Make the cut below the curve of the neck and as soon as the cork is off you should wipe the neck with a towel. Now using the corkscrew slowly lift the cork to avoid crashing the bottleneck. The idea is to entice the customers with an inviting cork opening sound and start pouring the wine gracefully.

Know the manoeuvre of selling more wine

Lack of wine knowledge could leave you a half served bottle of wine. Servers need to emphasise the idea of offering wine to every table. Even the customers who have not ordered wine should be asked if they want some. Here are the wine basics for servers for selling more wine:

  • Avoid selling by the bottle: if you sell a bottle of wine to a group of customers, they would know that you lack knowledge. This is because each course of meal require variety. Selling by the glass is recommended as they are constantly informed of the variety of wine they are trying with a particular dish.
  • Recheck the stock: when your restaurant is out of bestsellers that you have already recommended to the customers, the entire experience becomes quite embarrassing. Before each shift, check what is in stock and in what quantity to resume the recommendations.
  • The art of describing wine: experts cannot stress this point enough as the description of wine is a subtle art. Stress on the facts while keeping the description short, crisp yet fancy. Mention the body words, the region it is from and the aromas instilled in the beverage.

Hiring a server is easy but a smart manager would invest in one who knows his/her job or train them accordingly so that customers are not left hanging when they inquire about wine. Regardless of which wine bottle you open, a good server should be able to sell the entire bottle if he knows his job

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